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How to know if it’s Rosacea ?

Rosacea is a chronic and progressive skin disorder, often mistaken for acne. The cause is not definitive, but it starts out small and grows. Rosacea affects more than 14 million Americans across all age, race and ethnic groups.


Primary signs:

- Flushing

- Bumps and pimples, mostly with just fluid in them

- Visible capillaries

- Persistent redness


Secondary signs:

- Eye irritation

- Burning or stinging

- The feeling of something moving on your face

- Dry patches

- Discoloration and bumps

- Crust appearing on the nose and chin

- Swelling, thickening and coarseness


An expert will be able to tell the difference between acne problems and a case of Rosacea.

What can be done about it ?

There is no known cure for Rosacea - but it can be controlled and its impact on your life minimized.


A dermatologist may recommend topical treatments, possibly in conjunction with antibiotics and oral isotretinoin. In terms of measurable results, these treatments have varying degrees of effectiveness.


As a 30 year veteran esthetician in skin care and a sufferer of Rosacea, Loretta Williams has searched for and found workable daily routines that can help control Rosacea while minimizing the need for drugs and antibiotics.


Loretta’s procedures and products can be a part of your  management of the problem. You’ll get real, practical guidance in developing a workable regimen and an ally in controlling the inevitable flare-ups. You can take control of this problem, especially if you catch it early.

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